Brand the Interpreter

A Respected Profession with Jessie Liu

June 02, 2023 Season 6 Episode 93
Brand the Interpreter
A Respected Profession with Jessie Liu
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Can you imagine being told by a fortune teller that you would have a career in speaking and then actually making it happen? That's the story of Jessie Liu, a court-certified Mandarin interpreter, conference interpreter, and advocate for the T&I profession. Join us as we explore her fascinating journey from growing up in a family of musicians to becoming a highly skilled interpreter, overcoming language barriers, and even boldly moving to England at the age of 14 with no English language skills.

As Jessie recalls her experiences in England, Singapore, and eventually California, we delve into the cultural differences she encountered and the challenges she faced in adjusting to new environments, learning English, and finding her true calling in interpreting. We also discuss the power of language and translation, and how her unique background allowed her to embrace both Eastern and Western cultures.

Finally, Jessie shares her passion for language advocacy and interpreter respect, discussing the proposed bill AB 432 and its potential impact on the interpreting profession. We explore the importance of upholding certain standards and actively engaging in advocacy for our profession, whether it's through writing to senators and assembly members, having conversations with colleagues, or setting boundaries and standards in our own practice. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Jessie Liu as we uncover her incredible story, commitment to education and career growth, and dedication to supporting the interpreting profession.

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πŸ‘‰ ATA Opposes AB 432 Unless Amended - ACT NOW!

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