Brand the Interpreter

Knocking on Doors with Carlos Nuñez

December 16, 2022 Season 5 Episode 80
Brand the Interpreter
Knocking on Doors with Carlos Nuñez
Show Notes

Today’s conversation is with Carlos Nuñez, a court-certified Spanish interpreter and a qualified medical interpreter with the Oregon Health Authority. Carlos grew up in Mexico and studied General Business at Eastern Michigan University.

He is the president-elect for the Oregon Health Care Interpreter Association and enjoys working with nonprofits the most, particularly with organizations working on environmental issues and social justice issues.

Carlos shares with us a language-industry story that impacts the way he views his role. He has many things to share in this brand new episode.

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The interpretation industry is changing. Laws are being passed that require more certification. More and more, interpretation is going remote with video or phone. Machine interpretation is getting better and better. Plus, companies are cutting costs for services like interpretation.

If you aren’t certified, don’t want to use technology, don’t have special skills, and don’t have the ability to be flexible, you’ll get less and less work as an interpreter.

The OHCIA Interpreter Directory, or ID, can help. It brings together interpreters and the organizations that hire them — so they can help each other provide much-needed interpretation services.

  • Free — The ID is free to all interpreters — forever. It’s paid for by subscription fees charged to hiring organizations
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  • Easy — Interpreters can list specialties, availability, and more — so hiring organizations can easily find talent

OHCIA are the right people to bring interpreters and organizations together like never before. Our leadership has deep roots in the interpreter community, and we care deeply about where this industry is going. We have advocated for interpreters and health care interpretation since 2010, and we’re trusted by individuals and organizations alike.

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